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Ulcers - duodenal and gastric, Gastritis, Stomach cancer, dyspepsia, iron deficiency. We are developing the list here at present.

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You should discuss various treatment options, their risks and benefits, with your own doctor . Be aware that treatment of H. pylori is not always recommended by all experts on H. pylori , or in all patients with H. pylori . Each patient is an individual and decisions must be made in concert with his or her own medical practitioner on a case-by-case basis. The Helicobacter Foundation makes a good faith attempt to ensure that information provided is accurate and up-to date, but answers posted by persons on this board are opinions of that person. You should check the credentials of the person making the posting. Ideally, information supplied through these forums has been published or presented at national and international scientific meetings. The Helicobacter Foundation makes no guarantees about the accuracy of this information which is given free of charge to whomever requests it.
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