Blood Test Inconclusive

Blood tests (for antibody) are used to screen for H.pylori. They remain positive for many months after treatment so can only be used as the initial test. Urine antibody is a "pregnanacy style" urine test. Accuracy is slightly less than blood tests. A negative blood test is good evidence that Hp is NOT present. Use it to exclude the diagnosis (but no test is 100% perfect remember).

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Blood Test Inconclusive

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I have been feeling ill for 3 months now and based on my initial symptoms the doctor thought I might have an ulcer due to the little amount of Celebrex (NSAID) that I had taken. He prescribed an 8 week PPI treatment but at the end of eight weeks I am still not well. I just days ago, had the blood test for H. Pylori but the results came back inconclusive. I thought the results would be definitive. I am now very stressed out, still not well and will be retesting in 2 weeks. I have also restarted another round of PPI medication. Why would the results not be black or white?

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Re: Blood Test Inconclusive

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Blood test should be very straight forward. Perhaps you should ask your doctor for more detail about your test. Also, perhaps you should book yourself an appointment for an endoscopy. I think that is more promising than guessing what is wrong with you after 8 weeks of PPI.

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