Blood Work Interpretation

Blood tests (for antibody) are used to screen for H.pylori. They remain positive for many months after treatment so can only be used as the initial test. Urine antibody is a "pregnanacy style" urine test. Accuracy is slightly less than blood tests. A negative blood test is good evidence that Hp is NOT present. Use it to exclude the diagnosis (but no test is 100% perfect remember).

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Blood Work Interpretation

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I have my blood results back and I was just wondering do you only need to test positive for one of the antibodies to show that you have had an infection? Why are there three of them?
I suspected that pylori might be my problem and my results are below.

Also, is this a common problem that all doctors are aware of? Should I just be able to show my test results to my doctor and possibly get treated?

IgG negative
IgA positive
IgM negative


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Re: Blood Work Interpretation

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We have 5 types of antibodies in our body. Each has specific purposes. IgM is normally presented when the infection is early. IgG is when there is a long period of infection. IgA presents normally in mucous regions, eg. eyes, lungs, stomach, mouth, etc.

H. pylori infection almost always give positive IgG. I think as long as one of the antibodies showed up positive, you'll be considered as positive. I dig up a study about IgG vs IgA detection.

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