Another new victim of the dreaded bug story

The various unpleasant manifestations of Helicobacter can be described here. Remember however that the great majority of persons with Hp have no symptoms that they are aware of and consider themselves normal.

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Another new victim of the dreaded bug story

Post by IWiLLBEATYOU » Tue Apr 23, 2019 12:35 pm

Hi all,

I’m a very healthy athlete but 16 weeks ago my stomach suddenly burnt like hell while I was sleeping and I couldn’t sleep , I drink some bicarbonate of soda and not even that helped I though it was just a bad case of indigestion but the stomach symptoms persisted for days like burning and my upper stomach felt rock hard like lead in my I went to the docs and given PPI for acute gastritis ..took them and still no relief so I used aloe Vera and liquorice and bland diet and it helped and I started to feel better ..then I ate some spicy food which I love and hell it flared up again but worse this time .. as days progressed I started to feel weak and tired with muscle plus I was losing weight fast and could even work or do my training I continued to calm the symptoms which were kind of manageable but 2 weeks ago (14 weeks later ) a friend mentioned about helico bacteria so I went back to the doc and requested a stool,test for helico bacteria and I tested positive ..GREAT I knew something was bugging lol 😂

So now I have been given triple therapy anti biotics but haven’t taken them as my training buddies told me to fix it naturally with oregano , garlic , mastika gum low sugar diet which I have been doing which has really calmed my bug ridden stomach but I think it’s calmed it rather than cured it as my stomach still bubbles a lot , I’m always passing wind , diarrhoea .. I’ll give it another few days then I might just go on to the triple therapy for a week ..but I have some questions for the knowledgeable folk ..

1.Say I probably had this since childhood is it possible the bug has caused damage to my gut even though I had no stomach inflammation or issues like this ..or would the h pylori have to be active due to weak immunity to cause damage as I was concerned about long carcinogenic effects ..

2.When you eradicate bugs with antibiotics your given a h pylori count but I have noticed some people still have low numbers of the bacteria after treatments and they still say it’s s negative ..isn’t this a great opportunity for the bacteria to multiply again ?

3.How long does it take for h pylori gastritis to cause potential cancerous mutations , I’ve read it takes years of inflammation and long term ulceration ? Is this true ? Also I was told you must have the genome from your family to get gastric cancer ..

4.If two partners have h pylori can they still have sexual intimacy as I think I have infected my wife ..

5.Can h pylori in the oral cavities reinfect you if you have eradicated the bug

6. If I didn’t bother to use antibiotics to eradicate the bug would there be serious long term implications even if I at least reduced the infestation with natural anti fungal agents ?

Thankyou so much for your great forum and the great advice here Dr ..

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Re: Another new victim of the dreaded bug story

Post by Helico_expert » Tue Apr 23, 2019 10:45 pm

Thanks for sharing your story.

1. Many people carry H. pylori without symptoms, even at old age. Every one can catch H. pylori but have different disease outcome. Some will get ulcers, some will get cancer. We dont know who will get ulcer or cancer or no symptoms. Perhaps H. pylori contribute to 50% of the reason for ulcer or cancer. Another 50% is your own genetic or diet.

In your case, you have symptoms. Your H. pylori may not give you ulcer or cancer. But it certainly wont give you any benefit either. So, it will be best to have it eradicated when you are still young. prevention is better than cure.

2. It is true that if the antibiotics did not kill them all, the 1% will grow back through time. That is why it is important to do follow up breath test to confirm the treatment success. Once H. pylori is confirmed eradicated, it is not easy for adult to catch it back again. That is assuming that you are hygienic.

3. it will take decades for the condition to get worsen. The risk of stomach cancer increase exponentially through age. The older you are, the higher risk of cancer.

4. It is true that H. pylori can be transmitted via kissing. However, we also have examples of married couples, for decades, never infect each other. We believe that as long as you look after your oral hygiene, the risk of H. pylori transmission will be low.

5. When you take antibiotics, the antibiotics will be absorbed into your body and flow in your blood stream. Every cells in you will be exposed to the antibiotics. There is no hiding place for H. pylori. Not in the gum, not in the guts.

6. As mentioned above, there are many factors to consider if your H. pylori infection can bring you harm in the future. The only good H. pylori is a dead one. As nobody will guarantee to you that you will not get stomach ulcer or cancer in the future, it is best to have it eradicated and you get a peace of mind.

additional tips.. only antibiotics are able to get rid of H. pylori. No natural remedy can eradicate H. pylori.

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