Newly Diagnosed

The various unpleasant manifestations of Helicobacter can be described here. Remember however that the great majority of persons with Hp have no symptoms that they are aware of and consider themselves normal.

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Newly Diagnosed

Post by pickles » Wed Jun 19, 2019 12:35 pm

Hello! I was recently diagnosed with H Pylori. Everything I've been dealing with the last 11 years makes so much sense now. I remember my ex boyfriend having a bad breath problem, and it was shortly after beginning to date him that I noticed I got what I thought was a sinus infection. Ever since then, (11 years!), I have had "chronic" throat and sinus infections with lots of mucus and constant runny nose. I go through a tissue box a week.

I also developed SEVERE abdominal pain after eating certain things as well as occasionally when my stomach was empty. (The pain was even worse with an empty stomach...) I've had consistent loose stools or diarrhea every day, nausea, and weird head pressure.

Worst symptom of all, I also had my first real bout with depression that year, but had been attributing it to a difficult move and job change. In hindsight, I know that's not like me. I LOVE change and love to move. I never felt "depressed" before then, and from that moment on, I have struggled with it to the point of suicidal ideation at times. (Don't worry...I have never felt the urge to actually do it, just thought how nice it might be to just die in my sleep or something. Still horrible, of course)

My anxiety also went through the roof, (though I have always been a bit on edge since childhood due to an overactive imagination and fear-based religious upbringing, but this is different). I have panic attacks, trouble swallowing and breathing, and I have gone to the ER thinking I was having a heart attack more than once, etc...I also have severe ADHD, though I have had symptoms since childhood. It has gotten progressively worse though since right around 10 years ago I'd say.

Now, a few months ago, I have been diagnosed with DVT's and blood clots in my lungs. Due to that, I've gotten a host of tests for autoimmune issues, which so far 6 have come back positive. (Though I will need further testing to officially diagnose) But I saw some research suggesting the link between H Pylori and autoimmune issues. It makes sense. If your body is under constant fight mode, of course you may be more susceptible to an autoimmune issue popping up if you're pre-disposed for it. Some suggest you could even develop one SOLELY from the infection without being predisposed.

SO, those are the symptoms I think are associated with this. Every other ailment I have can be traced back to childhood, so isn't a cause of this. I think my body is especially prone to infections and autoimmune issues, but I can literally pinpoint the day I first got the infection. Connecting the dots is both horrifying and a relief.

I am SO happy I found out I have this. Not because it doesn't suck and isn't life ruining for those of us who show symptoms, but because now I can finally try to get back to normal. I remember when I used to be mostly positive and hopeful and when I didn't have consistent inflammation in my muscles. I remember a time when I could speak directly to people loudly without fear of them smelling my breath. Those were the's to getting some semblance of them back! I know it seems like I shouldn't get my hopes up too much of eradicating it, but I sure as hell am gonna try.

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Re: Newly Diagnosed

Post by Helico_expert » Thu Jun 20, 2019 5:21 am

H. pylori is kind of related to autoimmune disease, but in a negative relationship.
meaning, people with H. pylori is less likely to get immune related diseases.
However, since H. pylori causes a lot of inflammation in the stomach, it is possible that the inflammation is then travel in the blood to cause inflammation elsewhere.

Nevertheless, the above are all hypothesis. The evidence is still very weak.

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