Aquarium Water

How do you catch Hp? From your mother when she kisses you? From brothers and sisters as a small child? From sexual partners as adults (kissing)? From dirty water (fecal contamination)? From animals? Who knows???

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Aquarium Water

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Hi everyone,

I am bit concerned as recently I was doing a partial water change on my new aquarium (I have never done it before since I just got it) and I ended up swallowing some of the water from the Siphon. The following day I woke up with burning in my stomach and upper abdomen along with burping that has not subsided for almost 3 days now. When I went to the doctor they told me I had gastritis. I asked about H. Pylori and they said it was not possible for me to have been infected. Do you agree?

I have never felt like this before and therefore I am assuming it was from drinking that water. Could H. Pylori live in a fish-only environment?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :geek:



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Re: Aquarium Water

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how very unfortunate. your doctor is right. it wont be possible for H. pylori to survive in the aquarium. However, the most possible marine organism that give you stomach problem is vibrio. it's a normal flora on fishes.

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Re: Aquarium Water

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I would look at this thing is always spectacular.

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