I think my dog has it now...

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I think my dog has it now...

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I think I infected my dog with this. I got her as a puppy, and she had no symptoms. Then about 2 months later, she suddenly developed very bad breath that was coming from somewhere internally it seemed like. She also got a runny nose that is constant just like mine, and started pooing multiple times a day (like me). Also has low appetite. I never kiss her intentionally on the mouth, but I kiss her nose a lot. And she has licked me on my mouth and a few times IN my mouth (much to my disgust), and she's also eaten a lot of my food I've had bites of and has drank straight from my water glass (don't worry, I don't drink after she does this lol), etc... So I am worried that I gave her the infection. I am taking her to the vet next week for testing.

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Re: I think my dog has it now...

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Your dog may have more than you expect. It's difficult to control what your dog do in the park, smelling and probably licking other animals' "byproduct".

I think H. pylori is the least you should worry about from your dog. There are far more dangerous bacteria out there.

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