Weird connections

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Weird connections

Post by gastrogal » Sat Aug 22, 2015 9:16 pm

Firstly, my brother died of a rare type of stomach cancer. He had schizophrenia. He was diagnosed, when he actually collapsed, as his kindeys were going into renal distress. He lived for 6 months after he collapsed. I remember him vomiting, a watery vomit, and not making it outside. The year he died, I visited him. I began to experience, face and neck skin eruptions. I have experienced my lymph glands swelling. I have had a heightened heart rate, 100bpm, from a normal heart rate. Nothing wrong with my heart. I am to get a gastroscopy and colonoscopy. I have abnormal amount of stool production. I also, have had a serious mental health disorder. I am scared i have stomach cancer. My sadness, (and to get to my point), is that someone with mental health, has their other serious physcial conditions looked over, or doctors simply do not respond to the sense of feelings of unwellness. I beleive I had had something wrong, because periodically,my skin colour is grey, and suffer fatigue. Are their current studies into the physical health re: helico with patients also experiencing mental illnesses? I have always believed that when I have been very stressed mentally, I have felt unwell in my head. Lightheaded. If I became upset, and angry, I could barely finish speaking, as I would become breathless. People with Borderline Personality Disorder, have been sufferers report a tingling feeling in their brain", on the days when they 'explode'. What if this is because BPD, which also effects those who have experienced trauma, might actually be suffering from an illness associated with a low socio-economic status? Maybe they say that because they actually do feel this. This seems an incredibly simple thing to have, and eradicate, yet very debilitating. I have a daughter who is 14, who has unexplained watery vomit, times of bloating and not feeling like eating, and I will have her tested. I feel so frustrated, and defeated, by the medical system, of believing there is something wrong. I am frightened of having stomach cancer; as I believe I have had these symptoms for a long long time. My brother died 10 years ago. If I have an ulcer, I will fill vindicated, but won't be happy to say, "I told you so", if it's something worse. If the law is an ass, the medical system, feels very very random, relying on a "good person", who has time to really care about you.

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Re: Weird connections

Post by Akshay11 » Wed Aug 26, 2015 3:13 am

It is very sad news. But thank you so much for sharing us your sorrow. We all always with you

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