MCT oil and h. pylori

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MCT oil and h. pylori

Post by kvon » Wed Feb 17, 2016 8:01 am

My problems seemed to develop when I changed from MCT oil to MCT oil powder (2 -3 weeks ago) - which after about a week began to tear up my gut with burning pain. Prior to this I was also having night sweats, rapid heart rate, and waking up every night from 2-4 am. I sometimes take excedrin for headaches, and noticed that I had black and red streaks in my stool. My mucous formation might be down because of my diet (ketogenic). I stopped the MCT oil, and this might have thrown me out of ketosis so some of my lack of energy could be do from having to adapt again.

Then suddenly last week I woke up incredibly nauseated and very dizzy with terrible gas in my stomach. I tried to go into work, and collapsed, and then two days later, tried again, and had to be driven home. I had to be wheeled into the office because I was too weak to walk. The doctor found blood in my stool. Since then all lab tests are normal (slightly elevated alkaline phosphatase), ultra sound looks good, and no anemia. I am waiting on results from the H. Pylori test. I started myself on oregano oil and electrolytes because I thought I might be having problems with my ketogenic diet (which I am on for migraines). The doctor prescribe zantac and carafate. The doctor switched me to omeprazole from zantac, but I hesitate to take it just yet - I don't seem to be as bad as many people are here.

I don't understand why I'm so light headed and exhausted in the morning. I have very minor cutting stomach pains and gas now, but the exhaustion is overwhelming. Weirdly, it lifts a few hours in the early evening. I'm slightly worse with eating but haven't noticed that fat is a huge problem.

Anyone have any thoughts on this weird pattern of exhaustion? Besides the exhaustion I seem to be getting better, I wonder if I can try a natural round of remedies as a first try before trying antibiotics?

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Re: MCT oil and h. pylori

Post by Helico_expert » Wed Feb 17, 2016 9:19 am

Thanks for sharing your story. Can you tell more about you were diagnosed for H. pylori treatment? have you considered an endoscopy or colonoscopy examination to see how bad is your internal bleeding?

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