Helicobacter symtomps reverse after treatment

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Re: Helicobacter symtomps reverse after treatment

Post by Paulicapopcorn » Sat Jun 22, 2019 3:01 am

Hello, quick update on my condition

1.5 months passed sincer I finished my 3rd treatment and the breath test came back positive today, was expecting that because I wasn't feeling any better

So far I've tried
Amoxicilin (in all the treatments)

I've decided that I cannot try treatments blindly and hope for the best so I scheduled an appointment for a endoscopy to get a biopsy and see the resistance.

I know we've talked about succes rate of cultivating h pylori but I feel like this problem has no end and I cant try infinite amount of treatments until I get the right one, partly beacause I live in a country where antibiotics are abused and most of the very common ones are misused by all people, and I don't know how my liver is going to deal with all these treatments

My only concern is that they only do the resistance test if the biopsy shows positive for the quick h pylori test, and if it shows negative (which it had before), I'm back to trying treatments blindly.

I honestly see no exit out of this problem, I only see many months of stomach problems and medicine up ahead, It's been 9 months already since I felt normal

What's your advice helicobacterexpert?

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Re: Helicobacter symtomps reverse after treatment

Post by Helico_expert » Sun Jun 23, 2019 8:15 am

It is true that diagnostic can be a problem. However, if the diagnostic test can give very strong result, that is most likely true.

You can also do multiple different test to find out. eg. stool and blood test.

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