Symptoms after eradication

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Re: Symptoms after eradication

Post by tzj »

I would take a look at the symptoms of Laryngopharyngeal Reflux (LPR). It's probably just as relevant as GERD for you right now.

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Re: Symptoms after eradication

Post by pickles »

Hello123, when you say you can't take a deep breath, do you feel pain? Or itchiness/coughing?

I had this 3 months ago, but turned out I had blood clots in my lungs. BUT...could be related as I have tested positive for several autoimmune tests which could have been triggered or worsened by the H Pylori. The lying down thing was the worst. I had a lot of pain towards the end, but also had more trouble getting air in. If you start to feel pain along with this, go to the ER and tell them you need to be tested for pulmonary embolism. (That is worst case scenario of course, but I feel it's my duty to warn people now as I am fit and young and not the typical type to get blood clots.

It could also be a chest infection. Bronchitis, pneumonia, etc...either way, I would get the chest thing looked at asap as that could be a lot more serious than H Pylori, even if H Pylori is what caused it.

That being said, I do also just have some non blood clot related breathing issues that I've had for a LONG time. Like I can't breathe through my nose, have to focus to breath at times, etc...but the lying down thing and not being able to take a deep breath without either coughing or pain was all from my blood clots.

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Re: Symptoms after eradication

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They did a chest CT scan injecting dye into my lungs to look for pulmonary embolism. They also did a D dimer test and other blood tests to rule out pulmonary embolism.
Everything came negative for PE so it was ruled out.
I can lie down and sleep now after all these months.
I still have the deep breathing problem but it's definitely much better than before I took the anti biotics for the H pylori. The problems I face still now are bloated stomach especially when I eat spicy food and the breathing problem. The breathing problem gets worse when I eat something that is likely to irritate my stomach.

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