Help !!!!!

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Help !!!!!

Post by Angi »

I'm based in the UK and have just read an article in a Sunday paper regarding your work with H pylori.

Can I ask for advice?

I have had it for over 10 years and despite being treated with antibiotics 3 times it is not going away.

My teeth are damaged with the acid reflux and dread to think what is happening inside.

I have seen 2 consultants and yet it doesn't get resolved.
One consultant wanted me to start again but I've literally at my wits end.

The last course finished 3 months ago and I know it's not gone away.
Could you give me advice in what further treatment I should be asking for.

Regards and hope to hear from you.


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Re: Help !!!!!

Post by Helico_expert »

hi Angi,

What antibiotics had you taken previously?

Can you ask your doctor to organise an endoscopy examination, get an biopsy for bacterial culture, and do antibiotic sensitivity testing?

That would give you high chance of eradicating H. pylori

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