Symptoms just came back, need help!

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Symptoms just came back, need help!

Post by lxy172733823 » Tue Jul 16, 2019 12:28 pm

Hello eveyone and Helico_expert,

Thank you taking your time to read my story.
It's been a while since i came back here last time.

First, let me briefly talk about the background of my stomach medical history. I was dignosed the infection of H.Pylori on 2015, then i took two weeks of antibiotics. All bacterium were eradicated. On 2016, i had my first recent upper endoscopy done, and the result was chronic gastritics with negtive result on H.Pylori test.

I have been dignosed GERD and esophagitis in March 2018 after second upper endoscopy done, the symptoms were lump and tight sensations, heart burn. Before EGD, i took omeprazole and esomeprazole for several weeks followed by the doctor's instruction, but two medicines both didn't work for me, and doctor switched pantoprazole for me for three months. After two weeks of pantoprazol treatment, my symptoms went away and i was free of symptoms for several months. Although, i had some recurrences latter, but i could always use pantoprazole to expel the lump feeling and heart burn.

But it's not easy for me this time. I drank strong green tea for almost two weeks since the middle of June which is last month, i had some symptoms such as heart burn at that time. Then, i started to take pantoprazole at around 25th of June. The symptoms were eased up at the 4th days after i stated taking pantoprazole or i would say that i didn't have any symptoms back then. I thought that i might be OK to eat some spicy food since i didn't have any symptoms. Then, i ate spicy food for two days. bad luck for me. Symptoms just came back again, strong lump and tight feeling, heart burn. I kept me on PPI while these symptoms came back until now.

I saw my doctor last Friday and asked her if i need to see GI doctor, she said that it's not necessary to see GI doctor again because i already have done EGD last year. I also asked her if i need to switch to other type of PPI since pantoprazole seems doesn't work for me. She said that pantoprazole is a very good medicine, no need to change to others. By the way, I'm avoiding all the foods that may trigger symptoms. and i'm on very plain food now.

My questions are,

(1)How long does it take for me to see the effect of PPI, since i still have symptoms while on PPI. According my past experience, I shold have symptoms free by now or at least see some relief since i have been on pantoprazole for almost two weeks.

(2)Why do i have very strong lump feeling in the evening? The symptoms are mild during daytime.

(3)Do i need to see GI doctor and have another upper endoscopy done again?

(4)Do i need to switch to esomeprazole or other PPIs if pantoprazole doesn't work for me after two weeks of pantoprazole treatment?

I already scheduled a breath test for H.Pylori in two weeks. Now i discontinued Pantoprazole already, and take Famotidine instead.

Just want to ask Helico_expert that based on my previous upper endoscopy (which had done at 3/31/2018) result which shows only esophagitis and very mild inflammation of stomach mucosa. Do you think if it could develop to stomach cancer? I'm very scared, because the symptoms have been persisted, on and off for around 10 days.

Thank you very much

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