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Negative Tests but Symptoms Continue

Posted: Mon Mar 02, 2015 1:10 pm
by mytummyisaballoon
So I have been struggling with GI pain for awhile now. It peaked at the end of January and has since put me in emergent care twice. The things that i have had going on are as follows:
- Stomach pain (burning feeling at times and other times it feels like i am so hungry my stomach is going to growl but never does)
- changes in bowels (no shame at this point. Started as constipation that would suddenly switch to diarrhea, then it became chronic diarrhea, and now i am taking meds that have made it at least soft formed)
- cramping, bloating, gas
- stabbing pain in my right side under my ribs
- dizziness
- lightheaded
- heart palpitations
- head aches that don't ever go away
- anxiety r/t illness
- GERD when lying flat

I have been taking PPIs for about 35 days, pepto when I have stomach attacks, and percocet when the pain gets too intense. I have seen my GP and she felt it was anxiety, but still gave me a blood test for H pylori (negative and still sent the referral to a GI specialist. When I saw the GI dr he set up a colonoscopy and endoscopy. After the procedures, he said my stomach looked good so he didn't even do a biopsy for testing of H pylori and that my colon looked healthy. I am still having ALL the symptoms. ALL the pain. ALL the trouble.

Could i have a false negative?
Is there a test that is more definitive?
Does this even sound like H pylori?
Could i just be sick or have IBS?
Could this be something like Candida or something else?

I am hoping that SOMEONE might be able to give me some information from their experience.

Re: Negative Tests but Symptoms Continue

Posted: Tue Mar 03, 2015 3:13 pm
by Helico_expert
We only concern on the false positive of H. pylori from Blood test. It's normally very sensitive. Once you are infected with H. pylori, your blood test can show positive for years. Hence, the worry of false positive. As for your case, since Blood test showed that you are negative of H. pylori; plus you had endoscopy that showed you had a healthy stomach linings; I think the chance of false negative diagnostic is low.

We know mental stress can definitely give you some bowel movement. I know a couple of people who is free of H. pylori and they always run into toilet when they are stressed. eg. giving speech, being the center of attention, constant worrying, strong anxiety and so on.

So what can you do with your IBD-like symptoms?
You probably need to investigate in your dietary. See a dietitian.
Look for an immunologist to test you for food allergies.
discuss your problem with a gastroenterologist about fecal transplant.

Re: Negative Tests but Symptoms Continue

Posted: Mon Feb 22, 2016 1:12 pm
by michaeljonson
I agree with Helico_expert. The condition can be caused due to stress and anxiety as well. You must consider second opinion from a specialist.

Re: Negative Tests but Symptoms Continue

Posted: Fri May 25, 2018 7:43 am
by ank1421
Hi.. Did you find the cause for the symptoms. I have been facing the same issue for 6 months.. all reports good.. dr said.. it's anxiety.. but it's not .. I don't have anxiety.. Please help if you find the cure for this. Thanks

Re: Negative Tests but Symptoms Continue

Posted: Sat Jul 07, 2018 8:43 am
by Caci1910
Hello I experienced every last thing you said. I had massive pain and burning and had been on photonics and carafate for weeks. I had an endoscopy which came back good and a negative h pylori test. I was admitted to the hospital for a week. After being discharged I still experienced the same pain. I finally went to a gi doctor which ordered a colonoscopy and hyda scan of the gallbladder. It was a week away so I couldn't wait I went to the er that night july4 and cried to them about the history of the pain. The doctor ordered a hyda scan for that day. This is to see how the gallbladder is functioning. In my previous ultra sounds and cat scan it looked fine however the hyda scan was abnormal. My gallbladder was not contracting. They performed the surgery and removed my gallbladder that night. I am 2 days post OP and have not felt the burning since before surgery. Try getting the hyda scan and see if you are having the same issue. Just because it looks okay doesnt mean it's actually functioning how it should.

Re: Negative Tests but Symptoms Continue

Posted: Thu Nov 08, 2018 12:34 pm
by Sasaka-4628
I have been taking PPIs for about 35 days, pepto when I have stomach attacks,