Throat tickling for 5 months after cough

Who knows, maybe H.pylori causes diseases outside the stomach. Cardiovascular disease, skin problems, migraine, autoimmune disease and nurologic disease have been suggested (to name a few). Keep on the lookout and we await proof.

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Fabio Cesar
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Throat tickling for 5 months after cough

Post by Fabio Cesar » Sat Aug 04, 2018 2:02 am

Hello everyone

I’m her to talk about a weird symptom I have that I still have no idea what’s causing it.

On February 2018 I developed a cough that lasted for 3 months. It went away by itself. However after that I developed this sensation I have in my throat. The best way I could describe it is.... like a tickling feeeling which’s ... similar to the sensation that comes before coughing. Anyway in my case it doesn’t trigger the cough. Well.. if I do cough on purpose , it goes away, or if I burp it goes away, or clear my throat. ( weird huh ). I went to many doctors and they said I have acid reflex... I did the endoscopy and I found out I have gastritis which was being caused by h pylori ... so I’m h pylori positive. No acid reflex . I Finished the triple therapy so I have an appointment next week to see if it has been eradicated...

The throat tickling sensation doesn’t come if I’m laying down or sleeping or walking or standing. It only comes when I’m sitting down ! On a chair or floor. It comes when I sit down and slowly my chest becomes tight as someone is stepping on it..

Also what helps me is eating ! If I keep eating while sitting down. The throat tickling feeling doesn’t come at all.

It’s been 5 months with this symptom and I don’t know if it has to do with my gastritis caused by h pylori or any other throat related issue.

Please advice if anyone has experienced this issue

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