Symptoms after eradication: functional dyspepsia

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Symptoms after eradication: functional dyspepsia

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Hi everyone.

4 and half months post eradication but no relief though symptoms have lessened. My GI feels I have what is called as"functional dyspepsia". I have been going through some random articles on internet and I found out that most of the times when h pylori is successfully eradicated people who have ulcer as a result of h pylori and the ones who does not have ulcers but only gastritis and symptoms of epigastric pain recover well. However, people who do not have ulcers and epigastric pain as their symptoms may continue to suffer even after eradication. In the latter case the proper medication regimen is to put a person on ppis and prokinetics.

Is it true? Because I belong to the latter category and I still have symptoms despite eradication. I know sometimes it takes years to recover, but lately I have started feeling that my symptoms are not improving at all.

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Re: Symptoms after eradication: functional dyspepsia

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H. pylori is the root of most gastric diseases. Without H. pylori, at least your stomach will stop deteriorating.

Depending on the damage done, usually the longer you are infected, especially when you are older, it is harder to recover.

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Re: Symptoms after eradication: functional dyspepsia

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Had the same issue / questions after eradication. It took 1,5 years till things went back to normal. Freshly pressed carrot juice helped a lot. Don't despair, there is light at the end of tunnel.

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